Carers Conversations

Carers Conversations

We have skills in supporting the 'population' of carers to have a voice.

Carers identify what needs to be better. We act as a ‘bridge’ between the voices of carers and statutory organisations.

In 2017, we worked with Royal Derby Hospital to support carers to talk about changes needed. Together with hospital staff, we hosted two events at our retreat and wrote everything carers said in a report with recommendations – RDH report.

Royal Derby Hospital made changes to the way they worked as a result of the recommendations (e.g. a ‘share care agreement’). The changes benefited everyone.

Later, we told NHS England about our joint project. They were so impressed that they gave us a grant.

We have produced a film and a Carers’ Conversations Planner with the money.

We hope other organisations will use our film and Planner to improve/ change what they do. The project shows that, by working together, we can improve health services for little or no extra expense.

Anyone across the UK can use these resources.

Included in the Planner is a helpful checklist (Appendix One page 5) and an example of how to fill it in, using Royal Derby Hospital’s experience Appendix 2 page 6.


Hospital Experiences video
Carers in Conversation
Carers in conversation