We would not find isolated carers, who know nothing about local carers support, without our health and social care partners.

How it works

  1. There are organisations and services in Derby reaching people with support needs
  2. Many of those vulnerable people have someone in their life who cares and supports them
  3. No matter how small the task, those supporters are welcome to become our members
  4. Our partners put us in touch
  5. Without our partners’ help, there would be many more people gradually helping someone more and more without knowing what support is around.

Our partners

We’re proud to work with:

We work with many more organisations - these will be added shortly.

Talking Points

Have you got burning questions for Adult Social Care (including the Mental health team?). Can’t wait several weeks for an appointment? We host a session called ‘Talking Points’ where carers and people with support needs can make an appointment and be connected to community support. We’re on hand to also support families who come through the door. For more information go on the Derby City Council website: Talking Points