Making money for members

Making money for members

​How we support carers to be money-makers

We support members to:

  • develop their own enterprises
  • increase income while caring through a training course called Blending Skills (see below)
  • find money-making avenues e.g. Craft Fayres
  • grow enterprises and increase income generation in practical ways
  • raise funds for local, independent carers groups.


Most carers groups:

  • Are self-funded
  • Raise money to keep themselves going
  • Enjoy their independence
  • Appreciate the right kind of support.

Many people:


Our unique Blending Skills programme enables carers to:

  • identify their existing skills
  • explore which of their skills are most marketable
  • test out their project ideas in a supportive, carer-only environment
  • decide on next steps.


Once carers have undergone our unique training programme, they become part of the carers enterprise network.



  • provide ongoing practical support
  • have one-off sessions about a particular topic e.g. advertising based on what carers say they need
  • meet regularly for informal, mutual support
  • connect with each other virtually and outside session times.

To book, email or telephone 01332-227711.