Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

We’re a peer support organisation run BY carers FOR carers. This means that we encourage and support local carers, like ourselves, to help each other when we can.



We believe carers want their personal data to work for them. They expect health and social care organisations to share their personal data where it’s necessary to provide them with the services/support they want/need. However, carers also want to know how their information is being used, who has access to it, and what that means for them. Carers also expect an appropriate level of choice and control, especially over their sensitive data. This privacy notice is our way of addressing what carers have told us they want.




We’d like to keep in touch with you so that we can tell you about what’s available to help you, as a Derby carer. This will include our own diverse range of activities, information and resources. These are aimed at helping carers carry on caring for as long as we want to. We will keep in touch via our monthly programme and, on occasion, other important communications by email. If you’ve told us we can telephone you, we may talk to you about something we think will help or interest you. We strongly believe carers want to support and help each other so we may also contact you to find out if you’re willing to support and help other carers. If you exchange contact details with another carer while at Haven House or taking part in a Creative Carers activity, this is a private arrangement between you and them – we can’t be involved. 

We now have hundreds of carers on our database. The only practical way we can keep in touch is by keeping some basic information about you on a database – for example, your name, email and telephone. We keep that information to a bare minimum. We also ask you about your loved one – their age and condition. This is so that we can put you in touch with information and support which may benefit you both. We are relying on something called ‘legitimate interests’ to do all of this.

You can tell us, at any time, if you want us to stop sending you information and including you in our circulation list. You can unsubscribe from our emails (each email tells you how).




To benefit us as carers, we have negotiated discounts/rewards with a small number of local businesses. You can view these on our website here: or ask us for a leaflet about them. We do NOT share any of your personal details with these businesses. If you choose to use the discounts it’s between you and the business concerned. Creative Carers is not involved.



We have a contract with Derby City Council. Sometimes, in order to better support you and, so you receive all the support available, it may benefit you if we share your contact, and other, details with Adult Social Care and other organisations e.g. health. Health and social care organisations may share your data with us so we can support you. They will usually ask you for your consent. This is so that the support you receive as a carer is the best that it can be. It also saves you from repeating information you’ve already given to other organisations. We’re using the ‘legitimate interest’ clause in recent legislation (called the GDPR) to keep and share information that we think will benefit you. Wherever possible, we’ll obtain your explicit consent to share your details for a specific purpose. You can tell us not to share your details with other organisations at any time.

Our funders require us to ask you about some personal details such as religion, race and age. You don’t have to tell us but it helps us ensure that what we do reaches ALL Derby carers and not just a few. We don’t pass on those details to anyone else, they’re anonymised and we only ask you about them once.

In order for you to have a level of choice and control about how we use your personal information, we will ask you some ‘opt-in’ questions when you first sign up with us (See Opt-in Statement). You can change your mind at any time and for any reason. Just let us know.